Before I met my wife, I had the distinct privilege of being part of “The Worst Blind Date Ever”.

Before you jump all over me and try to argue your own inclusion, hear me out.

Plenty of people have been on bad blind  dates where:

there was no attraction
there was radical differences of opinion
there were religious differences
there were political differences

These do not qualify because they happen all the time

Mine was uniquely uncomfortable for completely different reasons.

My blind date drove over to my place to pick me up and we headed over to the bar for a couple drinks and a night of dancing.

As we drove along, a man was standing in the middle of the street and my date recognized him and pulled over.

He proceeded to jump into the backseat and he starts to  tell us how he just got released from jail.

He had left his apartment, saw a couple fighting and went in to defend the woman of the couple.  Police arrived and the woman accused our backseat passenger of assaulting her boyfriend.

At this point, I felt pretty bad for our backseat passenger..

Anyways, we arrive at the bar, and the passenger heads to the washroom.  My date apologizes about picking him up, and I inform her it’s perfectly okay.

Except there is one small detail she neglected to inform me about until now.

The passenger was her ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend who thinks that they are still an item.

Ummmm…come again?

Do you know how awkward it is when your being chaperoned on a date by an ex (who doesn’t know they are the ex ).

Do you know how awkward it is to be the 3rd wheel on your own date?

Usually, after sharing this story  I hear some pretty lame attempts to overthrow my claim of being part of “The Worst Blind Date Ever”.

Sorry, your Vegan Republican Voodoo Witch Doctor is not even in the running for it.

Your “she asked me to watch her 13 kids while she drove the babysitterto the airport” is not even a contender.

My point is…….don’t try stealing other people’s thunder

If your friend tells you about the 12-foot bass he caught don’t start going on about the 20-foot carp you caught 🎣.

If your buddy tells you about the third row seats they got  at Yankee Stadium, don’t start going on about the view from the Lengends Suite .

The truth is….people who are story-toppers don’t get invited back to parties or events

Don’t be a story-topper

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