My name is John, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself

I am a dedicated husband to my wonderful wife and a proud father of two amazing children. In addition, I am blessed to be a loving papa to four adorable grandchildren. These roles bring immense joy and fulfillment to my life.

Two titles i identify by, that tend to grab attention: Leadership Advocate and Storyteller. These two titles are closely intertwined and warrant further explanation.

To me, being a leader means being an effective communicator. I firmly believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to convey a message and connect with others. A good leader possesses the ability to inspire and motivate through the art of storytelling.

My journey into understanding leadership began over a decade ago, during a time when my life was turned upside down. My wife received news of a restructuring at her workplace, but the details remained elusive. There was a possibility of her being moved from a position she enjoyed to one she disliked. The uncertainty and anticipation weighed heavily on us, casting a shadow over our weekend.

Unfortunately, the situation took an even more challenging turn. On that following Monday, I unexpectedly lost my job. And just as the blow of my unemployment hit, my wife was transitioned into the undesired position on Tuesday. It was a devastating series of events that left both of us feeling unhappy and uncertain about our future.

In the midst of this turmoil, we were fortunate to stumble upon a community of individuals who introduced us to personal growth materials. Through these resources, I immersed myself in books on leadership and began applying the knowledge I gained to my subsequent job opportunities. As I implemented these newfound principles, my abilities were recognized, and I started experiencing rapid career advancements.

I wasn’t a natural-born leader. Rather, I became a “learned leader” through perseverance and a commitment to growth. Many people mistakenly believe that leadership is an innate quality, but I firmly believe it can be acquired through continuous learning and practice.

Advocacy, for me, is about effecting change.  Leadership is not confined to a select few with prestigious titles or inherent traits.

Leadership is influence. 
Nothing less. 
Nothing more.
And each one of us will be called upon to lead at some point in our lives.

My hope is that the stories I share in this blog will encourage you in your leadership journey, and help propel you into your role as a leader.