Life can seem so surreal.

In November 2021, my wife received a call from a long-term care facility informing her that a friend had passed away.

The last we had heard, she had been feeling better and had only been moved to the facility to aid in her recovery from a hip injury.

That same weekend, someone drove into the back of our van in the Walmart parking lot.

There was no note, no explanation—just damage to the van and some paint left from the reckless vehicle.

Returning to our friend, the facility where she was residing was unable to locate any family, so we were called upon to pick up her belongings.

After evaluating the damage to the van, we were informed that, based on its value, it was considered a write-off.

There we were,  collecting the belongings of a friend—someone whose family’s concern, if they even existed, was unknown to us—while driving a van we were told was beyond repair.

In moments like these, life feels incredibly fragile.

The time we have is exceedingly precious.

We only have a limited amount, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We can never reclaim it.

Are we investing our time or merely squandering away the hours?

Marcus Aurelius once said, “Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. Death looms over you. While you are alive, while it is within your power, be good.”

We can recycle many things, but wasted time is not one of them.

Be good and invest your time wisely.

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